What Day Is Mother’s Day 2020

A Mother is a Special creature created by a God who always thinks good for her children but never expects anything back from them. She always wishes to make her children independent and a better human being. Mothers are a beautiful source of love and motivation that helps every child to pursue their dreams and overcome all difficulties. So, Mother’s day is celebrated every year to honor all mother’s and motherhood. Mother’s Day is initiated in the North America to tribute mothers. It rejoices to express appreciation for all the hardship that a mother faces in bringing up children. And to strengthen the bonds between a mother and their children.

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year in different countries all over the world on different dates to increase the power of mothers in the world. Many countries like US, Canada, Australia, and India celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in the month of May. 

Mother’s Day History

Derivation of Mother’s Day has been set out in the era of primal Greek and Romans. On May 8, 1914, the United State President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation entitling the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. Since then all the people all over the world commemorates Mother’s Day with happiness and fondness.

Origin of Mother’s Day can also be noticeable in UK where Mother’s Day is celebrated much before then in the USA. Nowadays celebration of Mother’s Day has been renovated comprehensively and celebrated in a new manner in almost 46 countries of the world on unlike dates. It is the pleasant and beautiful event for everybody where get a chance to honor their mothers. We should thank our ancient roots for giving us a privilege to celebrate mother’s day.

Our observance of Mother’s Day initiated in 1907 with the determinations of enthusiastic daughters Anna Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe. Anna M. Jarvis of Philadelphia, who comprehended the idea of celebrating of Mother’s Day once a year countrywide, though she never been a Mother but she devoted her life to fulfill her Mother’s dream. She accomplished in rejoicing mother’s day to honor her mother and all other mothers of the world. 

She is represented as the ‘Mother of Mother’s Day.’ Julia Ward Howe was a devoted mother and will always be privileged for her influences in granting superiority to mother and motherhood. Julia Ward was the first woman in the United States to fight for the official celebration of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day 2020

On this auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day is dedicated to all mothers – the wonderful and the best blessing given by God to us.

Mother’s Day 2020 in many countries including the United States will be celebrated on 10th of May i.e. on second Sunday in the month of May. 

How Mother’s Day is Celebrated

Mother’s Day is celebrated in numerous countries all over the world with loads of happiness Though the celebration takes place on different dates in different locations, the passion is same with which people celebrate Mother’s day. The love, care, and understanding which are carried by both mother and children for each other are nowhere different in east, west, north or south.

Mother’s day is observed as a holiday in few countries. Despite age, all the children shower their feelings towards their mother by spending their time with her, going out for dinner, inviting friends and family for a get-together and gifting her. In some countries, an event takes place in schools or colleges, where children participate in dramas and dedicate songs to their mother and all the mothers of the world. The primary purpose is to make her feel she is special and honored.

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In every hurdle, happiness, and grief, we all need our mother. No matter where she is, in earth or heaven, we always try to reach our message till her. She solves our problems in a fraction of a second. We can’t live without her. Her love and support are enough to survive in this world. The warmth of her hug and kisses are enough to lead a happy and peaceful life. Such a lovely Mother deserves at least a day of celebration, a day of honor, a day of love and a day of happiness.

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