Mother's Day 2017

I have known her since - 9 months, and each moment ever since then has taken my breath away to see the way she has loved me cared for me and helped me become what I am.  There has not been a single day I spent without looking at her; there is a strange pacification in her smile that lets me valve out my worries, I come home just to see her smile, and something doesn’t feel right when I don’t find her at home.

They say there is some madness in every relation, but this one is completely insane where, she would just call me to cheer me up, if my team has lost a game or if am not being able to visit her.

I have not known of time, where she has not asked me about my food, she is someone who is on the job 24 x 7 of keeping me happy, healthy, and prosperous not bothering what she gets in return. I never said how much I love her she never bothered, I think she knew, or her love for me is unconditional.

Have you ever seen a beautiful flower and wondered what makes it so attractive, I believe it is its ability to spread happiness through its aroma or lustrous petals, such is her smile. This relation has been the cord of my life; it is the reason I am connected to the world. 

When I was young I fell off a tree; she never asked me why did I climb she was bothered what if the wounds on my face won’t fade off and leave scars, I won’t be as handsome as I was. She is the most beautiful person I have seen. There were days where we had no money, and I wanted to study big and earn huge, she was the one who would fight for the fee and get it. 

She has made a lot of things happen for me. When I was a kid we would visit her mother’s place it was a village with no power most nights; she would sit waving in front of me so that I could sleep. She would come with me to school and wait out until I finish my exams, she would get some snacks with her when I come out she make me have them, poor she, thought I would drain out after an exam where I would just pass the time and come out, I was not that of an excellent student back then, and she never forced me to do something I never liked. 

She always believed I would do well whenever I wanted to. I remember a day, it was raining heavily, and I was all drenched she looked at me and asked why didn’t you wait for the rain to go, I did not say her then, I did not wait because I wanted to rush back to see her. People tell me I was very mischievous, no wonder why she calls me the devil. She always taught me to be humble and said it would mean nothing if I do not use my abilities to help other.
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