Mother’s Day Quotes 2020 | Heart Touching Quotes for Mother’s Day

Someone that truly cares for your well being no matter wherever you are is your mother. And to celebrate a day in her honor is what Mother’s day is all about which is filled with love for your mother. 

A mother is an inspiration to every child in his life as she brings the best out of them and shows the true meaning of love by the loving and caring for us wholeheartedly, and not expecting anything in return for her. Selfless kind of love can only be expected from a mother who gives so much of her time in bringing us up and seeing us successful in life.
Mother’s day something we all should look forward to and celebrate your beautiful mother by showering your love and letting her know your love for her. Blessings are in the form of a mother who gives you so much in life that she is your first teacher and always thinks of your betterment. 

Mother’s love is pure and comes with no conditions; it’s all about you. To celebrate such an important personality in our life on this special day we have to greet her with the best words of love.

TOP Mother’s Day Quotes 2020

  • Every beat in my heart calls out your name mom; you are everything to me this world. Happy Mother’s day. 
  • My eyes look for you in the darkest of times, my arms extent for you in happiest of moments. Happy Mother’s day.
  • You are my army against the world, and queen of my heart. Happy Mother’s day. 
  • Life may have taught hard things in life, but there are so many things as you have already taught me to deal with happiness. Happy Mother’s day. 
  • Your love is my cure, and your affection is peace to my heart. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Hold my hands as you have always done, don’t ever leave me, mom. Happy Mother’s day. 
  • For every good that you have done mom, I can’t repay you back with love. All I can do is try to be a better person reflecting up growing of yours. Happy Mother’s day.

  • There are things in life which cheer you up, then there are things in life which boost your spirit, and then there is your mother whose smile does it all. Happy Mother’s day. 
  • Love has so many meanings which are difficult to express the closest one is so pure that it can only be related to mother’s love. Happy Mother’s day.


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