Saturday, 22 April 2017

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes 2017 for MOM, Best Wishes for Mother’s

Blessing on earth is in the form of being born as a son or a daughter to a beautiful mother who cares about you more than herself. And you mean the world to her and without you, it's not a beautiful world. Mother’s love can’t be expressed in single forms or fact in any form as the love is so pure it's present in everything. To celebrate the most beautiful person in our life on Mother’s day we should be thankful for the opportunity, the love and care that the mother bestows upon her children is an ocean in an ocean itself. Wishing your mother a happy and prosperous Mother’s day is your way of showing your love for her and how much you care for her, as a family she made sure everyone is united and gave you all the best advice in your life so that you pass on the same to your children. Always stood by you on the toughest of times and hold you in your arms. So as a child of such a beautiful mother it’s your duty that you should also show your respect and love to her every day, but on this special occasion, it makes it even more special when you wish Happy Mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes 2017 for MOM

  • You are a strong positive influence in my life and a beautiful mother. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Dear mom, you are someone who makes me feel out of this world with your love. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Will always be your favorite child and you will always be the best mom ever. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Wish you mom a healthy and long life forever. Happy Mother’s day.
  • You are my support in life when no stood by my side thank you, mom, Happy Mother’s day.
  • Wish you all the happiness and love of this world mom. Happy Mother’s day.
  • You are my heart and soul my reason for beautiful life. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Dear mom, you showed me what love is and what courage is in life. Happy Mother’s day.
  • My love for you will not end and will increase with every breath. I love you, mom. Happy Mother’s day.
  • All the reasons for love in my life come from you. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Blessed is the soul which has the loving and caring mother like you. Happy Mother’s day.

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