Happy Mothers Day 2019 | Famous Mother’s Day Quotes 2019 SMS, Messages

The definition of a Mother is countless, each and everyone has a unique story and quality about a Mother. All the things that come from a mother are meaningful. It’s not easy to be a mother - She not only carries her child for nine months but also sacrifices everything to make him the best. She transforms her kids to a Women/Men. It’s your duty now to make her sacrifices from a sleepless night to many questions asked by you to be paid. A mother doesn’t expect anything from you other than your happiness. Share this mother’s day.

Famous Mother’s Day Quotes 2019 SMS, Messages, and Wishes for MOM

Famous Mother’s Day Quotes 2019

  • Mother is a bank where we deposit all our pain and worries. 
  • My Day starts and ends by seeing a face of my lovely Mother. 
  • No better gift can be received by a child than a Mother. 
  • My mother is the one who keeps praying till I reach my office safely. 

  • I have an angel who fulfills all my desire without wishing for it. 
  • Mother’s Hug is peace. It need not be earned, it need not be deserved. 
  • A place where a mother lives is called a Heaven. 
  • Only a Mother can fill the emptiness in your heart.
  • Blessed are those who have a Mother, and I have one. 
  • A mother is the first person who comes to your mind when you are in trouble. 
  • A mother - She can make a silence atmosphere alive. 
  • A mother is a person who seeing there are only three pieces of cookies for four people, quickly declares she never did like for cookies. 
  • A mother’s arms are made of love and tenderness, where a child can have a peaceful sleep. 
  • Being a full-time worker is one of the highest paid jobs done by a Mother. Since the only payment she gets is pure love. 

  • Every wish comes true when you have a Mother to pray. 
  • There no replacement for the loss of a mother except for a mother itself. 
  • The only person to whom I can speak my heart and mind is my mother. 
  • The best remedy for all your problems in the whole world is a Mother’s advice. 
  • The biggest privilege God has given out of all relationship is a Mother. 
  • A heaven lies at the feet of a Mother. 
  • A living example of a beautiful creation of a God is “My Mother.”

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